Sunday, January 3, 2010

My passion for food

My friends used to always tell me that I live to eat. I am a complete foodie. I love eating as much as I enjoy cooking. Perhaps that's why I love cooking so much. I love trying different recipes and tasting different cuisines. As a child, I grew up watching Sanjeev Kapoor's khana khazana and Nigella Lawson's show. I could keep watching these shows the whole day. I remember gathering up a paper and pen to write down Sanjeev Kapoor's recipes.

Although I hold a Master's degree in Human Resources, I always wanted to pursue a diploma in Hotel Management. But my dad was not comfortable with the idea of me being a chef. So, I had to give up my dreams.

Luckily for me, my husband and I share the same ideas as far as food goes. We both love eating out and experimenting with food. As a matter of fact he keeps encouraging me to try out new recipies as he knows that is what keeps me happy. Also his job involves travelling around the world which in turn helps me to learn different kind of cuisines. As a matter of fact, I have gathered several recipes and tried to give them my own personal touch.

We both love entertaining guests and at every party I make it a point to cook my own food rather than order out. My guests always wait to see what I am going to serve them at the party. I have a dream to open my own restaurant some day and I am working everyday towards achieving it.

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