Saturday, January 16, 2010

French Toast

Last summer holidays, I had been to Goa to "Heritage Village" and over there I had eaten the most perfect "French Toast". I loved them so much that I tried making them at home several times and have now mastered the art of making them. Usually, they used to turn out soggy but now, they are simply perfect i.e crispy on the outside with a delicious moist centre

Today being Sunday, I wanted to make a nice breakfast for my family. So, I decided to make French toast, which is my all time favorite breakfast. French toast with maple syrup simply tastes awesome and a must try for everyone !!!

This recipe takes just 15 minutes and is a healthy start to a good day. Kids simply love eating bread this way.

Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Makes : 6 french toasts


6 White bread slices
2 eggs
3/4 cup milk
3 tbsp powdered sugar (add more as per your taste)
1 tsp cardamom powder
a pinch of cinnamon powder
oil for frying
1 tbsp maple syrup


  • Cut the edges of the bread slices and keep aside
  • Beat eggs in a bowl and keep aside.
  • Add sugar to the milk and mix well till all the sugar has dissolved
  • Then add the egg mixture into the milk mixture.
  • Now, add the cardamom powder and the cinnamon powder and mix well.
  • Take one slice of bread and dip it in the above mixture. Soak it well on both sides.
  • Shallow fry this over a pan with some oil, over medium heat
  • Fry on both sides till slightly golden brown
  • Repeat the same process for the remaining bread slices
  • Cut them diagnolly and place them on a plate
  • Just before serving, drizzle some maple syrup over the french toasts.

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