Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fried Tilapias

I am a great fan of sea-food. I love all kinds of fish but my favorite one is king fish. Being in Canada, it is very difficult to get king fish or any kind of Indian fish. So, then I came across tilapia. This is a very tender fish which requires a lot of care while cooking it. It easily breaks while frying so one has to be very careful while handling it.
I had never worked with tilapia before and was wondering whether it would go well with our Indian spices. So I gave it a try and it turned out to be very delicious. Now, it is my all time favorite fish in Canada. So here goes the recipe for all the tilapia lovers...

Fried Tilapias

Fillets of tilapia marinated with Indian spices.

Preparation Time : 10 minutes
Cooking Time : 5 minutes

Serves : 3


3 big fillets of fresh or frozen tilapia
1 cup of Italian bread crumbs
2 tbsp of oil

For the marinade:

1 tbsp of red kashmiri chilli powder
1 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of cumin powder
1/2 tsp of garlic paste
1/2 tsp of ginger paste
1 tsp of vinegar
1 tsp of lime juice
salt to taste
a few drops of water


  • Take a small bowl and mix all the marinade ingredients together.
  • Rub the marinade over the tilapias and let it rest for 10 minutes
  • Pour the Italian bread crumbs on a plate and spread it out
  • Roll each marinated tilapia in these bread crumbs and shallow fry on both sides on medium heat for not more than 5 minues.
  • Serve with some lemon wedges.

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